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Fambam Academy provides family-oriented-activities at its core. We believe that creating inclusive activities is one of the key factors in shaping a healthy, harmonious and happy environment within the family.

At Fambam Academy, we want to nurture the relationship between parents and their children, between husbands and wives, between friends and also between grandchildren and their grandparents.

Our activities do not only focus on the health and biological benefits of the participants, they also aim to strengthen the family bond. The activities are designed to incorporate and keep all members of the family active and to promote a healthy lifestyle throughout.

With the large palate of activities that Fambam Academy offers, there will always be something for everyone. While Mom can meditate and train core strength in one of our yoga classes, Dad can lift some weights in the state-of-the-art health club. The kids will keep themselves busy at the day-care centre.

At Fambam Academy, our orientation goes beyond just fitness and sports, we also promote soft-skill based activities such as linguistics classes (Mandarin, English and Bahasa Indonesia), cooking classes, arts & crafts and much more. We are a one-stop-shop for family activities.

We will continue to update our activities in the future, so please get in touch to see what else we offer for you and your loved ones.

Fambam Core values

We put the word Family in our name and we believe in building a better Future self through Fitness. These are our core values.

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Family Comes First

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Our Branding Identity

Fambam’s coat of arms represents the 3 core values of our brand, these values are represented by the 3 stars:

Family, we believe in nurturing the family bond through healthy activities. We believe a healthy upbringing has a positive impact mentally and physically. Our definition of family is not just relatives, we consider those people surrounding us (such as Friends) as family.

Future, we believe in investing in your future, whether it is your child’s health or your own health. The key to a successful future is to work on it now!

Fitness is the third and final component of our core values. We believe that the family bond and building your future can be achieved through fitness. Because a healthy family is the base foundation of a happy family.

Our Commitment

Fambam Academy is committed to providing a family-friendly environment as well as offering a wide range of activities to our participants. We focus on the quality of our programs and equipment to ensure that our participants have an excellent experience.

Presevere through Tough Times

Persevarent, or to persevere in Latin, is our motto at the Fambam Academy.

Perseverance has been proven to be useful not just in sports but also in our everyday lives. Perseverance is the foundation of our teaching. Rather than just focusing on being the champion or the best, we also want to teach “the never give up” attitude and that persistence means being the best you. This trait is useful as a life lesson, especially for kids if they can learn this from early childhood.

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